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Are you looking for the best audiovisual entertainment experience possible? Here at DSS Installations, we provide you with quality HDTV services in Cincinnati, OH, that will surely take your experience to the next level. With more than 20 years of expertise, we can deliver prompt and dependable service at your home, commercial location, or hospitality business. 


If you’re searching for a large selection of crystal-clear HDTV channels, DSS Installations is the way to go. However, we are also more than that. With more full-time HD channels than any other service, we are your best bet for the greatest video experience. Thanks to our installation abilities and round-the-clock servicing and support, you won’t have to deal with downtime with your TV. 


Additionally, we also offer satellite dish installations across the nation. We provide single-dish systems, which eliminate the need to clutter your property with many dishes in order to collect the signals you desire. 


We’ve been doing this for a long time, for both large commercial clients and single-family homes, and we use our knowledge to ensure a speedy and clean installation every time. By depending on our team today, you can ensure that you get the finest possible reception and the most trustworthy satellite quality HDTV services.

Our Services

Does your property have unsightly satellite dishes? DSS has a one-dish solution. Clean up your property today!

DSS is a one-stop shop for your residential DIRECTV™ needs. Call us today at (800) 377-9442.

Make DSS your go-to company for DIRECTV™ satellite dish installations. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service during your setup and servicing with us. Whether we are installing your first DIRECTV satellite or assisting you in adjusting or upgrading your current one, our satellite installation specialists will ensure that your dish is properly positioned on your property in order to receive a good signal. With our skilled installation, you will enjoy a bright and clear image while receiving services from one of the best satellite TV providers in the industry.

If you are having problems with your satellite dish, our team is available to assist you. Our expert technicians have the tools and knowledge needed to diagnose your dish’s problems and will try to discover the best solutions. Our team will guarantee that your DIRECTV™ service is operational, whether we need to install a new connection or repair your complete dish. If you are having problems with your satellite dish installation, such as a pixelated image or a lost signal, please call us immediately.

DSS offers answers for every situation. We have an excellent working relationship with the government and are DOD and SAM registered. We offer options for our soldiers and government personnel in distant areas as well as on U.S. soil.


We can provide television and equipment sales, HDTV programming, worry-free installations, a quick upgrade to your present system, and live assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week to distant command posts and military sites.

Without paying clients, your bar or restaurant will not be successful. Let our HDTV DIRECTV™ systems keep them in the door once you’ve gotten them in. With your DSS DIRECTV™ account, you will also be featured as the nearest bar on DIRECTV™’s Bar Finder app. Keep your customers seated!

Give each visitor a room with a view! Your visitors will not miss any of their favorite shows with high-definition TV solutions from DSS. We are happy to offer a complete turnkey solution for your hotel, including HDTV sales, DIRECTV™ installs, and cloud maintenance services.

Although life on the road is fantastic, having DIRECTV™ on the road is better! DSS is a DIRECTV installation specialist who specializes in recreational and remote DIRECTV installations. Never miss your favorite shows, even when you’re out on the road.

Provide each tourist with a room with a view! With our high-definition television solution, your visitors will not miss any of their favorite shows. DSS is pleased to provide a full turnkey solution for your hotel, including HDTV sales, DIRECTV™ installation, and cloud maintenance services.

Our dorm programming is an absolute necessity on today’s college campuses. Whether it’s updating existing equipment or installing new, DSS has the solution. We will increase the appeal of your dorms to the incoming class. Be at the top of their knowledge and entertainment list!


We can provide television and equipment sales, HDTV programming, worry-free installations, an instant upgrade to your current solution, and live assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week to dormitories, university housing, and facilities.

Maintain your patients’ and residents’ comfort in their surroundings at all times. We can give your hospital or care facility with television and equipment sales, HDTV programming, worry-free installations, a quick upgrade to your current system, and live assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We can give television and equipment sales, HDTV programming, worry-free installations, an immediate upgrade to your present system, and live assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our HDTV selection includes models from Samsung, LG, and RCA, to name a few.
Mediatune - Quality HDTV Services in Cincinnati, OH

Mediatune COM3000

Technicolor, a global pioneer in video technology, introduces Mediatune, a next-generation, innovative 4K video management system based on the COM3000 DIRECTV™ satellite headend solution for the commercial sector of bars and restaurants.


Consider managing the complete DIRECTV™ programming selection, any desired external sources, and all of your output zones on one easy webpage. Click and drag any desirable source input from anywhere in the interface onto the chosen display, and Mediatune will handle the rest.

The DIRECTV™ receivers are controlled by an integrated video router, providing consumers with a smooth, simple, but highly powerful experience. This web-based interface is accessible from any device that can run a web browser and may be synced to provide for multiple control points.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

The COM3000 system provides full 4K resolution in the format used by the DIRECTV™ broadcast center. Pro: Idiom content encryption is used to protect content delivery to TV sets through coax or IP distribution. To assure compatibility with any TV set or HDMI projector, commercial TV sets, or external Pro: Idiom decoder boxes, such as the UCW4026MCS, are available.

Mediatune COM3000 Diagram – Quality HDTV Services in Cincinnati, OH

External Content Management

Any external IP video input, including ATSC material from an ATSC-8 or HDHomerun device, external IP cameras, or digital signage streaming from a network PC, may be managed and routed by Mediatune. A basic video encoder may be used with HDMI video sources such as a DVD player or cable set-top box to provide an infinite array of compatible video material, and all handled through a simple, click-and-drag interface.

The Infinite Matrix Switch

Mediatune uses Multicast broadcasting outputs in IP mode to provide as many distinct destinations as desired. Each destination must handle IP input and have a Pro: Idiom decoder. This enables easy Ethernet cabling to each TV for signal distribution, significantly lowering installation costs. Mediatune can support your installation as it develops, with no restriction on the number of destinations accessible.

Remote Management

The COM51 DIRECTV receiver card and the QAM modulator can both be managed by internet Protocol instructions, allowing any device with an internet connection to view and operate the whole video system. The COM51 receiver has a web server-based control interface that is similar to that of a router home networking device, making it simple to operate and versatile enough to be controlled by a PC, tablet, iPhone, or iPad.

Switch the Source, Not the Channel

QAM Mode: Mediatune represents a fundamental shift in how you could consider managing a video distribution system. A fixed QAM channel is allocated to each TV in a Medaitune setup, and the source is switched. The channel of the television was never changed, and Mediatune determines what content is broadcast to each television.

Features at a Glance

4K Infinite Matrix

IP Mode: Unlike QAM mode, IP distribution mode is dependent on IP end-points that may receive control messages from Mediatune. When a material is required, Mediatune initiates a Multicast broadcast stream and instructs the TVs to join these broadcasts as the user specifies.

Mediatune Tablet – DirecTV in Cincinnati, OH

MEDIATUNE Components

COM51 – HD Receiver Blade​

QAM20 – 48×256 EdgeQAM

UCW4026MCS – 4K UHD IP/QAM Set-Top Box

DCI401MCS – Pro: Idiom Security Terminator

*Mediatune Application Limits 2 Streams per QAM Channel


The COM3000 is the next-generation HD and 4K video headend solution for any size property. It is ideal for high-room-count houses and setups where the client does not want a receiver for each TV.


If you’re interested in any of our quality HDTV services, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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