Dss Installations Ltd


DIRECTV™ Installations for Businesses and Homes in Indianapolis

No matter what you watch, you want the best viewing experience possible—and that’s what DSS Installations delivers. We provide a wide range of HDTV services, including satellite dish solutions like DIRECTV installations. In Indianapolis, we’re proud to serve a diverse array of residential and commercial clients, from single homeowners to gyms, sports bars, and hotels. Contact us today to learn how we can help you enjoy crystal-clear TV.

Experience You Can Rely On

We’ve served customers like you for over 20 years, always providing cutting-edge audiovisual solutions. Technology has changed, but our commitment to complete customer satisfaction has remained the same. When you hire us, you can rest assured you’re working with technicians who have the necessary experience to set your TV system up for success.


We provide HDTV and DIRECTV installations, as well as around-the-clock service and support. Our goal is to minimize—or eliminate—downtime so that you can constantly enjoy the best TV experience. Plus, we deliver more full-time HD channels than any other service, and we specialize in single-dish installations that allow you to keep your exterior free from clutter. Contact us to learn more about how we ensure you receive the finest possible reception and entertainment you’ll love.